We are very proud to be designing and making objects for you in Brooklyn NY. In today’s world the designer and fabricator are too often separated by thousands of miles. We strongly believe that this separation diminishes both the quality and design of the object. At EXOvault we design and produce in the same building, the fabricator and the designer are the same person. Feedback between production and design creates a unique and better product.

Computer models and rapid prototypes are great tools, but they are no substitute for hands on knowledge of production and the machines involved. This understanding and interaction can not be duplicated via the internet and conference calls. This understanding of materials and process helps us design and produce a superior product.

This model of manufacturing has it’s drawbacks. Labor in Brooklyn is not inexpensive but it is high quality. This means our product is not as cheap as a product made in China. We firmly believe in a living wage and the quality of life of every EXOvault employee is important to us. We believe that the extra cost is worth it to us as a company and to you as our clients.

We are creating this blog to communicate to you a better understanding of what makes EXOvault special and prove design and manufacturing can be alive and vibrant and better in Brooklyn.

The following is a short video showing the production of our new case for our Kingsland glasses: