iPhone 12 Case, Brass and Rosewood
iPhone 12 Case, Brass and Rosewood
iPhone 12 Case, Brass and Rosewood

iPhone 12 Case, Brass and Rosewood

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Europa Edition

An EXOvault case is ready to take what you throw at it or drop it onto. Here we believe that form follows function. Every curve, angle, chamfer and ounce of material has justified its existence through years of testing. Our cases are the ultimate in protection and durability. 

Our new Europa case is built to last. Made of machined parts that are connected by easy-to-use stainless steel screws, the case is simple to install and remove. If dropped, the strength of the case will have you fear damaging your floor, not your phone.

The case is lined with an elastomer material that mitigates impact and provides for a perfect fit. Surround your phone with unique strength, durability, and style.


This case is machined from solid c280 Brass to impressive precision and then hand finished for a distinctive luster and feel.

The warmth of hardwood is unparalleled. We have chosen our fine, engineered hardwood veneers because they are a wonderful combination of beauty and sustainability. All the wood used is from sustainably sourced forests. No tropical rainforest wood in your Europa case.

This case fits both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12.

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