iPhone 12 Pro, Brass and White G10
iPhone 12 cage
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iPhone 12 Pro, Brass and White G10

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Europa Edition

You’ve found it! This is the best brass case on the market.

Each case is machined from solid c280 Brass to impressive precision and then hand finished for a distinctive luster and feel. The case is lined with an elastomer material that mitigates impact and provides for a perfect fit. Surround your phone with unique strength, durability, and style.

G10... What is that??

It took years for us to find G10 for our cases. It is amazingly durable: strong, stable water-proof and so damn tough! Built to take whatever you throw at it or wherever you drop it. We first used it to strengthen our wood cases but found it so beautiful that we gave it a case of its own.

Touch me:

There is nothing you touch more than your phone. Let your case feel and look as awesome and outstanding as you are.

I’m the only one of me:

The world is full of things calling themselves unique that are actually just the same thing in a different color. Your iPhone looks just like your neighbor’s. Yet, you are unique! Let your phone reflect your personality.

EXOvault is as distinct as you are. We use quality components and high design that will elevate you from the sea of plastic.

This case is constructed of Brass and White G10.

This case fits both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12.

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