EXO25-S Brass for the iPhone 8/7/6s/6
EXO25-S Brass for the iPhone 8/7/6s/6

EXO25-S Brass for the iPhone 8/7/6s/6

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With its understated design, the EXO25 gives your phone elegance and protection. A hidden rubber wire provides shock-absorption for increased security.

Our iPhones start out as beautiful sleek modernist art but quickly evolve into sad scratched versions of their former glory. Their beauty is in a way only skin deep. Each scratch or dent reveals the sad white aluminium core.

We feel Brass is the answer to this problem.  Brass unlike paint or anodization is the same color all the way through. This means when it gets scratched or bumped no discoloration is revealed.  Brass is Brass all the way through.  

We feel our brass cases actually get better with age they will patina. The scratches become history and grit not imperfections.  Brass is considered a living metal and will look different upon the season or climate. 

This EXOvault case is a piece of handmade art manufactured in upstate NY.  

For less money you can put a cheap piece of plastic made in china in your pocket. This case may cost more but its craftsmanship and beauty is evident every time you hold it. As a piece of hand made art it is a wonderful value. 

Brass is heavier than aluminum but we feel this is a positive.  The iPhone with EXOvault case does not feel heavy it feels solid, substantial.  

The iPhone is held between sturdy metal borders that are connected with four stainless steel screws.

Made from solid brass.

(A screwdriver and extra screws will accompany your case.)

This case will fit the 6, 6s and 7 iPhones.