Reflect Your Beauty to the World…

EXOvault is honored to be the last place you’ll ever need to come to purchase a cell phone case that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Fourteen years ago, the founder of the company was tired of only having rubber options for a cell phone case. When the Apple iPhone hit the market, it was time to build a case that everyone would be proud of to safeguard their most prized possession, their now iconic iPhone.

EXOvault was born and founded, in Brooklyn NY, by a group of artists passionate about building a case that doesn’t just protect your phone, but is a work of Art you are proud of. One of our core beliefs is that living on this planet is a gift, and the more Beauty & Excellence we can reflect back into the world, the closer to heaven it can be for everyone. So we design every case with your Beauty & Excellence in mind, our goal with these cases, is to reflect your magnificence back into the world around you. Yes, our product really does have that level of impact, I assure you, it will blow your mind, if you haven’t already experienced it.

Our Cases are crafted from the highest quality aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, lead-free c280 brass, and spacecraft grade titanium. I personally spend a lot of time at the factory to ensure we are producing the highest quality tolerances in our cases and we give you the best hand picked cuts for the wood backing of your case. Before I joined the company to relaunch, I was one of the largest personal buyers of EXOvault cases. I personally guarantee you’ll like the wood back of your case, or I’ll hand pick and send you another one. I commit to keeping these unique details ready to reflect your Beauty and Excellence to the world.

Our silly phones never leave us nowadays, so why not have something we are proud to show? We use them to pay, film, take pictures, conduct business, and now you can use them to reflect Your Beauty and Excellence to the World. We take that honor very seriously. I know how it feels on a personal level. So let’s do this together, let’s built an EXOvault family so large that the entire planet becomes a better place, a place that pauses and recognizes the beauty in One Another. We are ONE, we are EXOvault.

With Love,

Travis Steffens | CEO & Steward