Alex Gingrow Limited Edition

We are so excited to present Alex Gingrow. This will be an edition of only 100 cases. We will be offering them in cases to fit the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. 

We've all been asked to smile when someone is taking our picture. Women are often told to smile by leering, invasive strangers. Parents quite frequently are driven to madness trying to get children to smile for an acceptable family portrait. All of it is in the service of dishonesty and control--a way to rewrite a narrative, exert dominance over a subject's autonomy, a way reframe a memory. This piece is asking merely for a subject to show their teeth, leaving the expression up to the subject him or herself. Does one snarl? Nip? Beam? Laugh? Yawn?                                                                                                     Alex Gingrow

I make text-based paintings and drawings that are at turns witty, sardonic, poetic, self-deprecating and revealing. The delivery systems for the narratives are easily recognizable objects such as gallery provenance stickers or a daily desk calendar. I reappropriate these objects with my own writing and carefully render the text so that from a distance, the work appears to be that of a mechanical reproduction. On closer inspection, it is evident that the surface of the work is carefully and delicately modeled with repetitive mark-making: a symbolic meditative homage to the history of painting. Like the goal of all good literature, I strive to make nuanced work that is, at its core, an examination of the oddities and intricacies of the human condition.