Special "Limited Edition" Backless Case for the iPhone

in Brass

Brass Case open back

As featured in the What's in My Bag article, we are excited to offer a special limited edition "Backless Brass Inlay case" (shown above) which features a protective wraparound metal cage for your iPhone X, XS or Max.

G10 Inlay Case for the iPhone

We also offer the EXOvault Inlay case with the Black G10 back.  G10 is the toughest of the glass fiber resins favored for its strength.    

This is a unique and elegant case with a sleek and protective exterior.  You can choose between Nickel Plated Aluminum, Black Aluminum, and Brass for the main case material in the X, XS, or Max iPhone sizes. 

It will wrap your phone in precision machined beauty.     

Our clasp is simple strong and elegant.  It allows the phone to be easily removed from the case without the use of tools. 

It is a piece of sculpture you can put in your pocket. 

Nickel & G10

Black Aluminum & G10