Can I get extra screws for my case?

Of course. You can order more here. Except for the cost of shipping, they are free.

How big is EXOvault?

We are a small company. Jonathan designs the cases & eyeglasses and works with a team of just five others to produce work in low volume, high-quality batches.

Who is your market?

Our cases are not for everybody, but they are for people who want something durable, beautiful and finely crafted. They aren’t the typical rubber bumper that you can buy cheaply at any store- that is why we make them. Our cases appeal to the discerning person who has an eye for design, quality materials that last, and wants to stand out a little from the rest of the crowd. We make intelligent design products for intelligent people.

What kind of materials influence the designs?

High-quality materials that last! In our art, we both work a lot with older tools and equipment, things from old hot-rods and hoop-dresses. So metalwork is something that we are very comfortable with. Using rosewood accents in a lot of the pieces is suggestive of old brass and rosewood hand-tools. And really the iPhone is just the hand-tool of the 21st century– the thing you use to get other things done.

Is everything done by hand?

Making each case is a multi-step process. The initial rough cutting is done by a milling machine about the size of a minivan. Then we do a lot of the finishing, sanding, and polishing by hand. The aluminum cases then get an anodized coating, the brass a hand-finished patina, and then we hand finish and set the wooden inserts. The screws, rubber lining, pins and everything else are added during the final assembly before we put them in boxes and send them out.

How long does it take to create one case from start to finish?

It depends upon the case. Every wooden piece is carefully hand-sanded to just the right smoothness and depth - even before the case is machined, each part has been worked for at least one hour. Every metal part is milled and metal finished by hand before being sent out to be anodized or metal plated. In the final steps, our assembly team is capable of producing just 15 cases per day. From start to finish, any finished case has been handled for between 3 and 5 hours.



For our wooden EXO23 & EXO24 cases the best way to clean is to dampen a lint-free cloth either with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar or just plain soap and water. To care for the wood you can gently rub the wood panels with a natural furniture polish wax on a lint-free cloth. We recommend — Clapham’s Beeswax polish, Daddy Van’s Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish, Three Beautiful Bees Beeswax Polish, or Briwax (this works very well but does have a very specific scent). You can find these products on a website such as amazon.com or at a local hardware store.

This video of cleaning a wooden table may be helpful and is a very similar process to caring for our wooden cases:

For our EXO24 G10 Composite cases you should dampen a cloth with plain soap and water to do the trick.


Our 24 carat Gold Plated cases are plated by Epner Technology using there Laser gold process. This process provides a perfect coating that is more durable than other gold coatings.


Titanium is a wonderful material. It has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any metal and also has extremely high corrosion resistance. It is a very difficult material to machine which can be time-consuming, but the end result is fantastic. It is a hard metal and wears very well.


We use billet 6061-T6 which combines good machinability with high strength and the ability to anodize. All of our cases are anodized which is a process that creates a very hard and wear resistant coating of Aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal. This layer can be dyed many colors. The Anodizing process is much more durable than paint and will not flake off or peel. Aluminum is highly recyclable requiring only 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminum production.


We are proud to be the first and one of the few case manufacturers who use brass. Brass machines beautifully and will naturally patina specific to the user.

For a brass alloy, we use C280 alpha-beta brass with about 60% copper, 40% zinc. Alloy 280 metallographic structure is made of a large portion of beta grains, and so it is stronger, harder, and more rigid than brasses of lesser zinc content. C280 Brass contains no Lead. Brass is highly recyclable requiring only 15% of the energy needed for primary Brass production.


We now offer a composite case with a hardwood veneer. This case has superior durability compared with hardwood while offering a greater choice of woods as the structure is provided by the composite.


We warranty the case to be free of manufacturing defects for 90 days.

Cases can be returned up to 2 weeks after you receive the case. If the case is in as new condition we will refund you the purchase price minus the shipping.

If the case is returned in less than perfect condition (in an original shipping box with all accessories) we cannot issue a full refund.

All returns warranty or otherwise must first contact info@exovault.com and we will issue you a return form and instructions.

We do not offer returns for custom engraving but can offer returns for standard engravings.