Kingsland Frame Process, Vision and Aesthetic

The aesthetics of EXOvault are unique in a world where so many objects are meant to appeal to everyone. EXOvault believes these mass designed objects really reflect no one individual. EXOvault is the reflection of a small group of craftspeople who believe in the individual and believe that no matter how good a design is, it cannot represent all people and should not try to. The EXOvault aesthetic will not appeal to everyone but will appeal to the few in a powerful way no middle of road design ever can.

The Kingsland glasses were inspired by the desire to be both unique and understated. Most glasses are made by a surprisingly few manufactures that build glasses with a few specific materials in a few specific ways. Most designers are limited to variations in color and shape of plastic. We wanted to a use classic shape and basic colors but still have an object that was unique and stood out from the crowd.

Because we do both manufacturing and design we were able to develop a whole new way to produce glasses that is unique to EXOvault. We machine the glasses from a solid block of metal, a process most often used for aerospace quality objects. Each pair of glasses is the result of 500,000 individual cuts that combine to define the end object. The machining process leaves specific marks that are a residue of each machine path. Most manufactures, as a knee jerk reaction, would polish the marks away in order to achieve a mirror like surface. We feel the marks are unique and beautiful and represent the history of our process. We leave the machining marks and they are part of what makes EXOvault unique.

We also developed a special process of inserting lenses. Most metal glasses are made with a cut and screw that allow a lens to be inserted. We felt that a superior product would be achieved if the frames where one solid piece. In order to do this we made a deform-able silicone insert that allows any prescription to be filled. Every optician we talked to assured us it would not work. We refused to believe them and we proved them wrong, it works perfectly.

Lastly, our products are all assembled and quality checked by professional craftspeople in our shop in Brooklyn, NY. Exovault was founded by sculptors, so we take great importance in design and manufacturing as an artform and craft and employ those who identify with that sentiment and vision.

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