Kingsland Lens Replacement

This video shows how to remove and replace lenses.

Don't worry this is actually easy. Our customers have had thousands of prescriptions successfully filled.

There is a rubber gasket at the top of the lens that makes the removal and replacement of the lenses simple.

If you are an optician and want to make a new set of lenses first remove the lenses from the frame as shown in the video. It's best to push the lenses out from the rear at the top of the lens.

Once the lens is out if you have an optical tracer you should be able to trace the frames. If you have a tracer that physically traces the frame it will not work with our rubber insert. What you should do instead is trace the demo lens just like you would with a frameless pair of glasses.

To reinsert the lenses align the top of the lens with the rubber at the top of the frames. The remainder of the lens should angle back behind the frames. Then gently push the lens into the frame until it snaps into place.

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