Perfection is Distinct

EXOvault is a manufacturing company, made up of a small group of artists, currently based in Ellenville NY. 

EXOvault is based at and founded Highly Authorized, an Art and Engineering Incubator in Upstate NY.   A portion of EXOvault proceeds goes to sponsor this creative community. 

EXOvault was founded by Jonathan Schipper a sculptor that has shown worldwide for over twenty years. Jonathan's work is generally very large scale involving movement and time.  Not the kind of thing a person can take home and live with. EXOvault was built from the desire to bring sculpture in the hands of people.  Objects that can be used and loved on an intimate daily basis.

Our products are machined and finished by hand. We take great care in crafting each item. As an artist-run company; we provide low volume, high-quality products and are able to ensure great quality by overseeing the process from start to finish. 

Today, we have over 10,000 customers worldwide and are constantly working on developing new ideas and on improving our existing creations. All this we do ourselves, right here in NY.





We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality products. From design to the final hand-finished product, we take steps to stand apart from the rest in our level of craftsmanship. We choose to make our products locally instead of outsourcing to a company overseas that may result in saving money while sacrificing quality. We believe that it should not be considered a privilege to be able to buy beautifully made, locally manufactured items, it should be a standard.

                                                     Here is a little about us;                                              Working in the shop at EXOvault                                                                                                                                                         Working in the shop at EXOvault


This is Jonathan. Jonathan is the founder of Exovault and is the mastermind behind all of our designs.  He believes that acquiring artfully made objects should not be a privilege allotted to a few, it should be available to everyone.  You can view his sculpture here