Our Story

Perfection is Distinct

EXOvault is a manufacturing company, made up of a small group of artists, currently based in Brooklyn. We make phone cases, eyeglass frames and are in the final stages of completing a laptop case. Our products are machined and finished by hand. We take  great care in crafting each item. As an artist-run company; we provide low volume, high-quality products and are able to ensure great quality by overseeing the process from start to finish. 

Our founder and head designer, Jonathan Schipper, is a sculptor and engineer by trade. He started Exovault in 2010 because he was looking for an interesting phone case for his phone and couldn’t find anything he liked on the market. He went into his metal shop and the first Exovault phone case was created. Today, we have over 10,000 customers worldwide and are constantly working on developing new ideas and on improving our existing creations. All this we do ourselves, right here in Brooklyn NY.





We are dedicated to bring you the best quality products. From designing to the final hand-finished product, we take steps to stand apart from the rest in our level of craftsmanship. We choose to make our products locally instead of outsourcing to a company overseas that may result in saving money while sacrificing quality. We believe that it should not be considered a privilege to be able to buy beautifully made, locally manufactured items, it should be a standard.

                                                     Here is a little about us;                                               Working in the shop at EXOvault                                                                                                                                                           Working in the shop at EXOvault


This is Jonathan. Jonathan is the founder of Exovault and is the mastermind behind all of our designs. Jonathan grew up in Northern California, where he went from being a hippie to being a successful sculptor. He has been making slow motion crashes, rooms that slowly get sucked into a hole and all kinds of other conceptual moving art for years! He believes that acquiring artfully made objects should not be a privilege allotted to a few, it should be available to everyone. Make sure to ask him what he thinks about the corporate machine we call the Art World, it'll definitely make for a worthwhile conversation.This is part of the reason he started Exovault. Check out his sculpture



This is Edward. If you ever purchased an order from us, you probably remember corresponding with him. Edward does everything at the shop, from machining to engraving and finishing cases to dealing with customers and shipping out the finished product. He's got a great eye for detail and a talent for outstanding customer service. Edward is also a philosopher. Really.


This is Max. He's really good at operating the milling machines here at Exovault. Max is originally from Vermont, he's a trained welder and enjoys making large scale props. Max is also a film maker and a fire juggler. He loves working at exovault because (in his own words); "...its a small group of people, the work is very hands on and I am learning so much."


This is Tavis. Tavis is so good at assembly we wonder how he does it, this guy has hands of gold! He is originally from Harlem and has lived in NYC his whole life. When he is not working hard here at the shop, he DJs all over NYC and races bikes in the City Alley Cat Street Bike Races.


This is Ian. Ian is originally from East Rockaway, NY. Ian does assembly and engraving. His background is in painting and animation and he's in graduate school for occupational therapy, no wonder he is always so cool. Oh and Ian loves Dolly Parton, then again who doesn't!






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