Exovault guarantees your case 90 days free of manufacturing defects. In the event that your case is defective due to no fault of your own within 90 days of receipt, Exovault will repair your case free of charge.

If it has surpassed 90 days of purchase or if the case has been clearly dropped, bent or damaged due to the fault of the customer, repair fees will apply based on a loosely based tiered system of repair cost as follows:

Tier 1: $40 to reattach intact parts or minor marks/ damage

Tier 2: $80 when replacement parts are required ie. Full replacement of wood/composite or metal pieces

Tier 3: The case is beyond repair. We can offer a brand new case for 40% off in exchange for the irreparable case. 

Repair cost will be assessed on a case by case basis and can not be evaluated until we receive your case. Once received we will give you an estimate and go forward with the repair.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Below is a link to our repair authorizations. You can buy a label through us and we will email it to you or you can ship yourself. 

Repair Authorization with a return label.

Repair Authorization.